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The Boardman Valley Preservation Society

Advocates for the scenic Boardman River as well as our hydroelectric dams, and beautiful ponds. Along with you, we endeavor to preserve and restore their economic, historic, and social value.

Our Mission Is To Do Good


The Cost to remove the dams is currently estimated to run as high as $28,000,000.00

The estimated cost to repair and to generate electricity from these same dams $2,320,000

Opening Rivers to Trojan Fish
Dam removal may in fact cause more harm than good by fostering the introduction of bioaccumulated toxics into relatively untainted ecosystems and permitting aggressive nonnative species to invade virgin territory.

Chart indicating the risk from invasives pdf
Uptake of contaminants durived from the entry of pacific salmon into a river ecosystem

Drawdown and Devastation in Grand Traverse County | VIDEO


Please support us with a contribution: The Boardman Valley Preservation Society, P.O. Box 11, Grawn, MI 49637