Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners

June 18, 2010

Re:  Request a motion

Chairman Thomas: It is my understanding a formal motion can not be made from the floor during a Commissioners meeting. If that is true then I would like to formally request the Board to make a motion to reconsider their decision to remove the dams on the Boardman River. In view of recent events concerning renewable energy and the communities delayed response to the decision to remove the dams I think further consideration should be given to the original decision.  When the facts change a reasonable man will change his mind with them. Further, I would like to request a motion from the Board to put the issue of the removal of the dams on the Boardman River on a ballot, referendum, or whatever method is available to the Commission to a vote of the public in an open and informed process where one man has one vote and all votes are counted.  As difficult as your decision was it is my opinion it does not fairly represent the will of the people.  The way to test this is an open vote for all registered voters in Grand traverse County.

Respectfully submitted:
Norbert Tutlis