Grand Traverse County County Administrator, Dennis Aloia:

June 14, 2010

Subject: FOIA Request

In a letter to Mr. Charles Peterson dated May 28, 2010 you stated the following: "I took the issue back to the County Board of Commissioners where they unanimously voted to insist that the equipment be removed from the dams." The information I would like to have you provide is all records regarding the meeting of the unanimous vote of the County Board of Commissioners in a roll call format and the date, time, and place where this meeting occurred and the method of public notice. Further you next state: "Since that time, we have secured prices for the equipment to be removed and placed outside the buildings in the fenced area." The information concerning this issue which I would like to have to help me discover what decisions are being made and what facts lie behind those decisions are: A copy of the RFQ or RFP or Solicitation to bid form . A copy of the list of equipment to be removed. A copy of the bids from the three bidders and any other information which will help me understand how the winning bidder was accepted and the conditions for bidding and the copy of public notice to solicit bids. So it is that the Freedom of Information Act No. 442 of 1976 establishes my right to inspect and receive copies of records of state and local government bodies. Let the Sun shine in.

Respectfully submitted,
Norbert Tutlis