Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners
Chairman Richard Thomas

June 14, 2010

Subject: FOIA Request

In a letter to Peterson Machinery Sales dated June 11, 2010 County Administrator Dennis Aloia stated: "After meeting with the State of Michigan DNRE dam safety inspector for an on site inspection on Thursday, June 9, 2010 we have received an opinion, that the removal of the hydroelectric equipment owned by Peterson Machinery Sales will not impact the continued safe operation of the dams. Grand Traverse County intends to continue to care for both dams in the interest of public safety." With this request made pursuant to the Freedom Of Information Act in reference to MCL 15.231 and with the intention to be fully informed so I may fully participate in the democratic process do request the following: All records, correspondence, notes, pictures, files, written notes, forms, opinions, reports and any such information available to support the opinion of the Michigan DNRE dam safety inspector in any form they exist. If no such public records exist an explanation how an opinion could be given and accepted for such an important issue is expected . The ideal of a democratic government is too often thwarted by bureaucratic secrecy and unresponsive officials. What I hope to discover is what decisions are being made and what facts lie behind those decisions. So it is that the Freedom Of Information Act No. 442 of 1976 establishes my right to inspect and receive copies of records of state and local government bodies.

Let the Sun shine in.

Respectfully submitted,
Norbert Tutlis