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The Boardman Valley Preservation Society

Advocates for the scenic Boardman River as well as our hydroelectric dams, and beautiful ponds. Along with you, we endeavor to preserve and restore their economic, historic, and social value.

Our Mission Is To Do Good


Our Mission: To Do Good

We endeavor to:

  • Save the dams and use them to produce hydro electricity.

  • Save our dams so Traverse City Light & Power can meet the renewable energy portfolio standard by 2012.

  • Save the dams so they can continue to stop the spread of invasive species.

  • Save our dams so the lakes behind them can continue to provide recreational possibilities.

  • Save the dams so the Natural River Act is upheld.

  • Save our dams so the Nature Center Museum does more than serve as a reminder of the real things we used to have living in the ecosystems supported by impounded lakes.

  • Save the dams so the income they will produce helps offset the expenses at the septage treatment plant.

  • Relieve Grand Traverse county from lengthy and costly litigation which will split the community.

  • To uphold the intent of the land, water, dams, and utility transfer from Consumers Energy corporation to Grand Traverse County in 1969 for one dollar.

  • Save the dams so the rightful owners of the lands under, up to, and around the river can enjoy the quiet benefit of their purchases.

  • We endeavor to balance the environment and the economy on the dams. To do the right thing.

So it is we that set our hands and pledge our hearts to this vast enterprise. We can not do it alone. We ask your help to turn the murmur into a roar. Give what you can—give what you got—let your wishes be known.


Please support us with a contribution: The Boardman Valley Preservation Society, P.O. Box 11, Grawn, MI 49637